Our Purpose:

We believe every woman should learn how to embrace their curls.

We will empower women through their hair.

Our Mission:

To provide our Community with Quality Product at Affordable Price

Our Philosophy:

We stock products that are highly natural, non-toxic and specifically created with textured hair(natural hair) in mind. This is the core essence of our brand value and we won’t settle for nothing less.


ShopGoNatural is the leading supplier/retailer for the natural hair product and skincare

We are passionate to content creators who inspire, educate, and entertain multicultural audiences all over the world.

We offer strategic consulting services, commerce opportunities, data insights, and marketing programs that empower brands and retail partners to engage every curly consumer.

By listening to and advocating for every curly consumer’s unique needs, our mission is to empower every woman, girl, to embrace their curls.

ShopGoNatural team members expertly develop creative solutions through thoughtful, fearless and clear communication because our team succeeds when we act as one. There is no metric, benchmark, or challenge that we cannot meet, achieve, and exceed.

ShopGoNatural   encourage inclusivity, positivity, and purpose-driven growth. We invite you to grow with us! Learn more about brand partnerships, content contributions, and our marketplace data insights

Reasons To Trust & Buy From Us

1. We don’t stock a product or brand just because it’s popular or quick to sell. Not all that glitters is gold! Each product we stock has met a series of set criteria that we have in place. What type of ingredient is in it? How safe are the preservatives used? How versatile is the product? Is it proven to work? Those are some of the questions we at Shop-Go Natural ask ourselves before we give the green light to stock a product.

2. It’s more than just about the Queen’s Head for us. It is a ‘hairevolution’! Yes, you heard right! We will work hard to ensure our site is informative to newbies and veteran natural products enthusiasts, in quest to seek out knowledge and great tips for their hair. We do this through our blog, well-versed product information, and advice & help pages. We are also happy for customers to contact us to get specific hair and product advice.

3. Finally, if we cannot see ourselves using a particular product, we won’t stock it. Simple. Embrace Your Curls .Love Your Scalp.